Thursday, 14 December 2017

The Gender Games - Juno Dawson // Book Review

I'd heard about Juno's books a few years ago on Booktube, and was mainly aware of 'This Book is Gay' and a couple of her fiction books - but this was the first of Juno's books I actually got around to reading - and what a great place to start!

Juno's personality shines through in this book incredibly, and although I'd followed her on Instagram for a while and enjoyed those glimpses into her personality, reading this has really solidified my love and admiration for her. I went to see her in the Edinburgh International Book Festival recently, too, which again just made me love her more - she's really a fantastic person, and was engaging and entertaining to listen to.

The Gender Games is also a fantastic read to expand your knowledge on gender identity and transitioning, and has joined my list of books that I think everyone ought to read (and sooner rather than later, given the terrible way mainstream media has been treating the trans community lately).

Having also since read Juno's first novel Hollow Pike, I'm definitely a fan of her writing and look forward to reading more of her books in the future!