Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Power - Naomi Alderman // Book Review

As always, I made it my goal to read as much of the shortlist as I could before the announcement. I am a little disappointed that I only read two of the books before the winner was announced, but - for once! - the winning novel was one of my picks.

Naomi Alderman's The Power was the first one off the list for me - although I already had an ebook copy of Stay With Me (review of that to come) thanks to netgalley, this was the book that excited me most on my initial impressions of the long listed titles, so I reserved it at the library straight away.

The main premise of The Power is that women develop a power, something like an electrical charge that they can express, which comes from a skein they have along their collarbones. Generally speaking, only women have skeins, and so only women can have the power. On that note, I want to get into my only real disappointment for the novel and talk about that first, so I can move on to focus about what I loved about the book.